6 feb. 2012

15 Year Anniversary Palette - Urban Decay

           I just had to have it, especially because my birthday was days away... :)

                 I was so lucky to find this palette at Sephora (Baneasa Mall, Bucuresti, Romania) and guess how much I paid for it... 145 ron (43 $ ) it was on sale from 260 ron (77$). It a big deal, because in Romania is hard to find original products on a sale so huge. I could not believe my eyes... and I guess you guys are having a hard time believing me, so I took a picture with the receipt.
*To be honest, I LOVE this palette so much... more then the Naked 1 or 2, and I don't really understand why people aren't talking so much about it, like they do with the Naked 1 and Naked 2.
*This palette is so versatile... it has so many colors and they are not all neutrals, you can make a smokey neutral or make a funny, colorful makeup.
*Plus, the box is gorgeous !!! You can use it like a jewellery box, the botton side is covert in purple velvet and the top is... amazing, it has a mirror on the interior side and on the exterior it has the Urban Decay initials encrusted with little stones and on the side it has embroidered margins.
*Excellent quality !

Here are some pictures:

*natural light, no flash

 *artificial light, flash


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