8 mai 2015

Mini stiletto nails - fiberglass

            OMG, I'm so freaking in love with this nails, Mary has done an amazing job, she completely outdone herself . By the way, the length of my nails is constructed from fiberglass material . My nails were extremely short and she said, why don't I make you some mini stiletto nails from fiberglass so they would last longer... I only had gel on my nails before, so I wasn't sure how this material would hold on my nails, but it was the best choice by far, my nails remained perfect for like 2 months, I had no problem with them whatsoever .
            I highly recommend her services to anyone who lives in Romania, she is located in Bucharest.
For more details about prices and everything else you can visit her facebook paige: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jadore-Nails-by-Mary/341585469347551?fref=ts


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