20 aug. 2015

Naked 3 Urban Decay Review and Swatches

 Naked 3 palette

Hello again :p funny story guys, I was looking through my blog posts and I just noticed I had some reviews and swatches for the UD palettes (witch I'm completely obsessed with - amazing quality and pigmentation ) and I've noticed I haven't posted anything about the Naked 3 or 4 and decided they are worth mentioning in different posts.
The Naked 3 is the most romantic palette out of the Naked series, having a lot of pink undertones. Its value is 54 $ at Sephora; U can purchase this beauty here:  http://www.sephora.com/naked3-P384099

Naked 3 comes with a synthetic dual-ended eyeshadow brush (blending and flat) which is quality and very much usable. It also comes with a sampling of 4 Primer Potions: Original, Eden (nude matte), Sin (shimmer), and Anti-Aging.

The 12 shades are:
  •  Strange: matte beige with slight pink undertone
  •  Dust: very shimmery, pale peachy-pink with glitters - it would be wise to apply with eye primer,    because of the glitter it has problems sticking to the bare eyelid and has lots of fall outs
  •  Burnout: satin pinky-peach
  •  Limit: pink-tan matte
  •  Buzz: satin rose with tiny microglitters
  •  Trick: pinky-copper shimmer with microglitters
  •  Nooner: cool matte taupe
  •  Liar: satin pinky-mauve
  •  Factory: satin warm brown
  •  Mugshot: satin taupe
  •  Darkside: satin plum-taupe with a lot of depth
  •  Blackheart: sooty, matte dark chocolate with copper glitters
They are all so fabulous, I'm not even sure witch one is my favorite shade of all...
I just love the entire palette :)

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